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A Comparative Study of National Plastic Plans

to inform the development of national obligations under a new global agreement on plastic pollution

Published 17.12.21

A comparative study of national action plans

This report is commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment.

The purpose of the report is to compile and compare nine selected national plastic plans to inform the development of a new global agreement on plastic pollution. Based on a consideration of commonalities, strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas of improvement, the report provides a set of recommendations for elements and mechanisms to be included in a global agreement on plastic pollution, that may serve as a basis for continued discussions on the design of national obligations and policy measures under a new global agreement.

About the authors

Jørgen Nyberget
Jørgen holds an LLM in Energy and Environmental Law from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a BA in International and European law from the Brussels School of Governance. He specializes in international and EU environmental, energy, and climate change law.

Torbjørn Graff Hugo
Torbjørn holds an MPhil in Peace and Conflict Studies and a BA in International Studies from the University of Oslo. He specializes in the area of global political processes and the development of international governance structures, and he is a founding member of the Norwegian Academy of International Law (NAIL)

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Bo Eide